Sarco. Registrations

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Sarco. Hybrids Seed Parent Pollen Parent Date Registered Registered By
Adela Nicky fitzgeraldii  sp. 10-07-2008 Butler D.F.
Ailsa Dove Heidi 23-05-2013 Roper N.
Ajala Melody Roberta 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Alchemy Duno Nickys Twin Maria 19-09-2013 Roper N.
Allana Star Struck Burgundy on Ice 6-12-2005 Roper N.
Allora Peace Snowhart 16-11-2012 Roper N.
Allure Duno Nickys Twin Elegance 10-12-2012 Butler D.F.
Allys Pride Colonial Rose Pinkhart 5-11-1998 Duthie
Amber Fizzy Dove Topaz 20-10-2009 Roper N.
Amber Dawn Velvet Dawn Amber 5-11-2015 Butler D.F.
Amber Snow Amber Snowhart 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Amber Star Galaxy Amber 5-11-2015 Butler D.F.
Amber-Jo Jozie Amber 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Amelia Duno Nickys Twin Velvet 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Amy Star Struck spathulatus  sp. 13-11-2006 Roper N.
Anglesea fitzgeraldii   sp. Cherry Derham 14-12-1993 Florafest
Annie Opal spathulatus  sp. 14-11-2002 Roper N.
Araluen Fitzhart Cliona 10-10-2014 Roper N.
Arcadia Lois Fitzhart 1-12-1986 Banks
Armstrong Colonial Rose hartmannii  sp. 6-12-2002 DUNO
Arwon Nanga Mai Roberta 19-09-2013 Roper N.
Audrey Sue hartmannii  sp. 15-11-2000 Simpson Orchids
Aurora Rosy Dawn fitzgeraldii  sp. 2-03-2006 Connelly T.
Aussie Dawn hartmannii  sp. dilatatus  sp. 1-12-1987 Spence P.
Aussie Philman Phyllis hartmannii  sp. 1-01-1982 Spence P.
Aussie Vertue Aussie Weinman falcatus  sp. 24-11-2003 Spence P.
Aussie Weinman Weinhart hartmannii  sp. 1-01-1983 Spence P.
Austar Star Struck australis  sp. 14-04-2009 Harper S.
Belmont Charm Amber Dayna 10-03-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Belmont Dawn Aussie Dawn Grace 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Belmont Delight Melba Grace 14-12-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Belmont Gem Powder Puff Melba 14-12-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Belmont Glow Amber Yvette 10-03-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Belmont Rose Cindy Velvet 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Belmont Spathalis aequalis  sp. spathulatus  sp. 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Bernice Klein Heartlight fitzgeraldii  sp. 9-11-1993 Florafest
Berry Peace Cracker 15-10-2013 Roper N.
Bessie George Colthup Velvet 24-10-2006 Roper N.
Bessie’s Twin Duno Nickys Twin Bessie 5-11-2015 Butler D.F.
Beverly Joan hirticalcar  sp. Cherie 19-02-2001 Simpson Orchids
Bewitch Duno Nickys Twin Karla 18-09-2014 Roper N.
Billie Weinhart First Light 28-10-2005 Roper N.
Blanche Sweetheart Cenedra 31-10-2013 Roper N.
Bobby-Dazzler Pinkhart Riverdene 7-04-1994 Finch
Bon Bon hartmannii  sp. Verolica 7-10-1993 Florafest
Bonanza Fitzhart Velvet 27-11-2008 Butler D.F.
Bongeen Mavis fitzgeraldii  sp. 1-12-1987 Grundon
Bonnie Tigress hartmannii  sp. 30-10-2007 Roper N.
Bonza Heidi falcatus  sp. 5-11-2012 Woolf J.
Botanic Ridge Rave Duno Nickys Twin Kunama 1-09-2014 Kozlowski C.J.
Bridget George Colthup Cherie 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Brock Harley Galaxy Tin Yin Lara 18-10-2014 Abell G.
Bunty Sharon spathulatus  sp. 10-12-2013 Woolf Orchid Culture
Bunyip Heidi Karen Ann 5-03-2011 Barrita
Burgundy Bubbles Burgundy on Ice Heidi 12-07-2007 Jackson P.L.
Burgundy on Ice Judith Fitzhart 18-12-1994 Florafest
Bushfire Kunama Aurora 10-12-2013 Woolf Orchid Culture
Camira Southern Cross Fitzhart 1-01-1985 Brandon
Canary hartmannii  sp. olivaceus  sp. 1-01-1963 Butler I.
Candice Velvet Cherie 3-12-2009 Butler D.F.
Candy Floss Weinhart Yvette 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Cara Zoe Charm 30-01-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Caramello Kellie Fitzhart 29-12-2008 Doney J.
Caravel Cara Velvet 14-12-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Carew’s Fields Burgundy on Ice Velvet 28-08-2012 Abell G.
Carnival Perky Fitzhart 4-12-1998 Clement
Cascade falcatus  sp. spathulatus  sp. 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Cassie Britton roseus  sp. Melba 9-01-2013 Kozlowski C.J.
Cathy Snowhart spathulatus  sp. 24-10-2006 Roper N.
Cenedra Dove Fairy 13-11-2006 Roper N.
Charlotte Marion Fitzhart 6-01-1998 Roper N.
Charm Bernice Klein Fitzhart 10-07-2008 Butler D.F.
Cherie  Fitzhart fitzgeraldii  sp. 17-04-1990 Upton
Cherie Dawn Kirra-Lea Cherie 2-11-2007 Connelly T.
Cherie Ice Hot Ice Cherie 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Cherie Snow Cherie hartmannii  sp. 19-10-1995 Wilson K.
Cherie’s Joy Cherie Melody 8-10-2002 Wilson K.
Cherie’s Magic Toowoomba Magic Cherie 11-12-2014 Hockey P.J.
Cherie’s Wine Cherie weinthalii   sp. 22-01-1992 Florafest
Cherie’s Wish Fitzhart Cherie’s Joy 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Cherry Cheer Ruby hirticalcar  sp. 20-11-1997 Clement
Cherry Derham Mavis Lois 14-12-1993 Florafest
Chloe Molly Fizzy Dove 19-10-2010 Roper N.
Cindy Elise Velvet 3-12-2009 Butler D.F.
Clara Tarnie Fitzhart 20-11-2003 Roper N.
Cliona Yvette hartmannii  sp. 16-11-2009 Ingham G.E.
Colonial Flair Colonial Rose fitzgeraldii  sp. 24-11-2003 Spence P.
Colonial Hart serrulatus  sp. Fitzhart 23-12-2002 Spence P.
Colonial Rose hartmannii  sp. serrulatus  sp. 3-06-1991 Spence P.
Columba Star Struck Dove 13-11-2012 Bycroft M.
Confetti ceciliae  sp. hillii  sp. 1-01-1972 Butler I.
Conjola Melba Velvet 12-11-2012 Roper N.
Conjuror Magic Yvette 6-11-2014 Roper N.
Connor Simpson Peach Spots Cherie 6-11-1996 Simpson Orchids
Contented Harmony hartmannii  sp. 5-01-2015 Butler D.F.
Cool Dove George Colthup Dove 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Coolendel Cliona Roberta 24-10-2012 Roper N.
Copper Queen Colonial Hart Duno Nickys Twin 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Coral Ice ceciliae  sp. Melba 15-05-2002 Wilson K.
Coralie Heidi Velvet 20-06-2013 Butler D.F.
Cosmic Snow Galaxy Snowhart 10-12-2012 Butler D.F.
Cracker Fitzhart Nabiac 24-10-2011 Roper N.
Cream Cake Marion hartmannii  sp. 28-11-1994 Upton
Cream Hart Cream Cake hartmannii  sp. 10-07-2008 Butler D.F.
Cream Puff Melba weinthalii   sp. 14-12-1993 Florafest
Crown Jewels Marina Harriott Royale Ruby 20-10-2005 Royale Orchids
Currambene Judith Peace 9-01-2012 Roper N.
Cutie Elise Heidi 5-01-2015 Butler D.F.
Cyclone falcatus  sp. olivaceus  sp. 23-11-1994 Riviera
Davey Woolf Fitzhart weinthalii  sp. 18-10-1995 Florafest
Davidee Bunyip Dove 15-11-2013 Doney J.
Dawn Hart Aussie Dawn Pinkhart 18-02-2002 Butler D.F.
Dawn Light Aussie Dawn spathulatus  sp. 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Dawn Snow Aussie Dawn Snowhart 3-12-2009 Butler D.F.
Daybreak Aussie Dawn Fitzhart 4-02-2008 Butler D.F.
Dayna Charm Fitzhart 30-01-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Debra Abell Cherie Bernice Klein 10-07-2007 Abell G.
Delight Melody Dove 10-07-2008 Butler D.F.
Devils Tower Shooting Star hartmannii  sp. 1-01-1982 Banks
Diva Dove Yvette 19-10-2010 Roper N.
Donna Gaye Karen Ann George Colthup 28-05-2013 Whitney J.K.
Doris Virginia Ruiz Nabiac Zoe 14-02-2013 Kozlowski C.J.
Dorrigo  falcatus  sp. Melba 14-12-1993 Florafest
Dorrigo Sunset fitzgeraldii   sp. spathulatus  sp. 20-05-2003 Woolf J.
Dots Lois Jewell 24-11-2003 Spence P.
Double Calcar hirticalcar  sp. Falcalcar 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Double Wine Weinhart weinthalii   sp. 22-01-1992 Florafest
Dove Melody hartmannii  sp. 26-02-1997 Finch
Dove Lake Fizzy Dove Kirra-Lea 30-04-2015 Jackson P.L.
Drayton Wine Micheal Derham weinthalii   sp. 20-01-1994 Florafest
Ducky Yvonne spathulatus  sp. 10-11-2009 Roper N.
Duet Harmony Duno Nickys Twin 5-11-2015 Butler D.F.
Duno Judilly Judith hartmannii  sp. 5-11-1998 DUNO
Duno Nicky’s Twin Nicky Fitzhart 5-11-1998 DUNO
Durras Dove Edith 15-10-2013 Roper N.
Earth’s Blaze Duno Nickys Twin Allana 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Earth’s Fall Bonnie hartmannii  sp. 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Earth’s Fizz Fizzy Dove Sunny 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Earth’s Flutter Bonnie Madge 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Earth’s Glow Amber Coolendel 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Earth’s Imp Red Imp Joy 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Earth’s Lava Magenta Allana 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Earth’s Magic Duno Nickys Twin Peace 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Earth’s Parade Fizzy Dove Kunama 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Earth’s Peel Bessie Zoe 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Earth’s Pinks Jessie Yvette 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Earth’s Pride Burgundy on Ice Yvette 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Earth’s Song River Song Fizzy Dove 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Earth’s Sun Coolendel Cliona 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Earth’s Time Burgundy on Ice Cliona 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Eastment Polka-Dot hartmannii  sp. 22-11-2004 DUNO
Ebor Mist Dorrigo hartmannii  sp. 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Eclipse George Colthup Fairy 22-02-2007 Roper N.
Edith Cherie’s Joy Orange Glow 12-11-2008 Roper N.
Edna Olive Nymph hartmannii  sp. 5-01-2009 Adams P & S
Effie Olive Nymph Fitzhart 5-01-2009 Adams P & S
Eiswein Aussie Weinman Snowhart 1-06-2015 Hanging Gardens
Elaine’s Legacy Melba Marion 1-06-2015 Hanging Gardens
Eleanor Mary Cobban Heidi Nabiac 9-01-2013 Kozlowski C.J.
Elegance Hearty fitzgeraldii  sp. 10-05-2005 Butler D.F.
Elegant Hart Elegance hartmannii  sp. 10-12-2013 Woolf Orchid Culture
Elisabeth’s Pride Bon Bon spathulatus  sp. 17-01-2011 Spiekman E.
Elise ceciliae   sp. Nicky 19-01-2001 Butler D.F.
Elizabeth Lois fitzgeraldii  sp. 1-12-1987 Whitecombe
Ella Heidi Hot Ice 4-11-2011 Woolf J.
Emerald Judith spathulatus  sp. 23-10-1996 Florafest
Emily Mavis australis  sp. 1-01-1989 Upton
Empress Lois ceciliae   sp. 1-12-1988 Sheen
Enchanted Duno Nickys Twin Yvette 18-09-2014 Roper N.
Enid Cherie fitzgeraldii  sp. 22-07-2002 Gregory
Erin Snowhart Duno Nickys Twin 10-12-2012 Butler D.F.
Ethereal George Colthup Aurora 3-11-2008 Connelly T.
Eva ceciliae  sp. Cherie 15-11-2000 Simpson Orchids
Evee Jade George Colthup hirticalcar  sp. 30-01-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Evelyn Norma Bessie 30-10-2014 Roper N.
Evening Star Galaxy Duno Nickys Twin 5-01-2015 Butler D.F.
Fairy Highton Magic Fitzhart 23-11-1998 Roper N.
Falcalcar falcatus  sp. hirticalcar  sp. 23-11-2006 DUNO
Fantastic George Colthup Highton Magic 3-11-2008 Connelly T.
Fiery Glow Bernice Klein Zoe 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Fiery Twin Duno Nickys Twin Fiery Glow 5-01-2015 Butler D.F.
Fiesta Tin Yin Lara Velvet 3-12-2009 Butler D.F.
Fiona Kellie Snowhart 31-10-2013 Butler D.F.
Fire Tail Yvette fitzgeraldii  sp. 28-05-2015 Jackson P.L.
Firebird Dove Zoe 7-11-2010 Roper N.
Firetail Dove Orange Glow 10-11-2009 Roper N.
First Light Aussie Dawn hartmannii  sp. 6-11-1992 Finch
Fitzhart hartmannii  sp. fitzgeraldii  sp. 1-12-1963 Butler I.
Fitzy’s Pride Ally’s pride fitzgeraldii  sp. 20-11-2007 Leafberg G.
Fizzy Dove Dove Fitzhart 18-11-2003 Gillan A.A.
Fizzy Ice Burgundy on Ice Fizzy Dove 20-11-2007 Leafberg G.
Flair Heartlight Fitzhart 4-02-2008 Butler D.F.
Flirt Riverdene hartmannii  sp. 25-07-1996 Finch
Flirting Flirt Hot Ice 14-02-2014 Hockey P.J.
Frances ceciliae  sp. hirticalcar  sp. 17-04-1990 Upton
Freckles Riverdene weinthalii   sp. 19-04-2000 Butler D.F.
Fred Conway Michael Derham Fitzhart 24-10-1995 Florafest
Free Spirit Yvette Humming Bird 14-02-2014 Hockey P.J.
Frolic Heidi weinthalii 6-04-2016 Butler D.F.
Gabrielle Fizzy Dove Karla 20-06-2013 Butler D.F.
Gadial Velvet Topaz 10-10-2010 Roper N.
Gail Fizzy Dove hartmannii  sp. 12-11-2008 Roper N.
Galaxy Misty hartmannii  sp. 4-02-2008 Butler D.F.
Gemma Aussie Dawn spathulatus  sp. 14-01-2002 Butler D.F.
Geordi George Colthup Heidi 13-11-2006 Roper N.
George Abell Burgundy on Ice Fitzhart 17-11-2008 Abell G.
George Colthup Melba hartmannii  sp. 1-12-1986 Banks
Georges River George Colthup Riverdene 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Gerroa Fizzy Dove Cliona 15-10-2013 Roper N.
Ginger Cream Cake Heidi 2-11-2000 Roper N.
Glenn ceciliae  sp. olivaceus  sp. 1-08-1996 Currell
Gloaming New Dawn Fizzy Dove 26-07-2012 Connelly T.
Glowing Embers Hot Ice fitzgeraldii  sp. 4-02-2008 Butler D.F.
Golden Heart hartmannii  sp. Rebecca 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Goldheart Molly Topaz 7-11-2010 Roper N.
Gowrie Sunset Judith fitzgeraldii  sp. 8-12-1994 Florafest
Goyju-Talawah Melody Sun Spot 22-07-2002 Gregory
Grace Melody Fitzhart 4-02-2008 Butler D.F.
Greenhart Gwen Weinhart 8-10-2002 Wilson K.
Gunnadoo Cherie Melba 2-07-1997 Gregory
Gunyah Bessie hartmannii  sp. 19-10-2010 Roper N.
Gwen Canary hartmannii  sp. 25-02-1969 Butler I.
Gwyneth Roberta Sunny 16-11-2015 Lawson I.
Hannah Suzette Orange Glow 26-08-2014 Roper N.
Hargitay Riverdene Velvet 14-04-2011 DUNO
Harmonic Dove Harmony 11-12-2014 Hockey P.J.
Harmony fitzgeraldii   sp. Dove 4-02-2008 Butler D.F.
Harold Heidi australis  sp. 21-02-2012 Adams P & S
Heartlight Pinkhart hartmannii  sp. 21-08-1992 Banks
Hearty Fitzhart Pinkhart 10-05-2005 Butler D.F.
Heather hartmannii  sp. Memoria Leney Smith 16-12-2003 Simpson Orchids
Heather Leaity Star Struck Ice Magic 10-12-2013 Woolf Orchid Culture
Heidi Fitzhart hartmannii  sp. 1-01-1983 Banks
Helen Iris Amber 27-02-2015 Western K.
Helen Lorraine Yvette Cherie 13-05-2015 Western K.
Hiccup Magenta Elegance 5-01-2016 Barrita
Highfields Duno Nickys Twin Kulnura Vibrance 19-11-2014 Little G.
Highton Magic Pinkhart fitzgeraldii  sp. 2-12-1997 Florafest
Highton Sparkle Bongeen fitzgeraldii  sp. 2-12-1997 Florafest
Hot Ice Cherie Heidi 26-05-1998 Clement
Hot Santa Hot Ice Flair 5-02-2008 Clements R.
Humming Bird Sweetheart Fitzhart 11-12-2012 Bird D.W.
Humming Santa Humming Bird Hot Santa 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Ice Magic hartmannii  sp. Hot Ice 4-12-1998 Clement
Ignia Duno Nickys Twin Orange Glow 10-10-2014 Roper N.
Intense Magenta Duno Nickys Twin 5-11-2015 Butler D.F.
Iris Madge Topaz 10-10-2014 Roper N.
Isabella Leanne Flirting 14-02-2014 Hockey P.J.
Issy’s Rainbow Selwyn fitzgeraldii  sp. 24-10-1995 Florafest
Ivory Wandjina Melba 14-12-1993 Florafest
Jake Simpson Fitzhart Elizabeth 18-04-1995 Simpson Orchids
James Woolf hartmannii  sp. Susan 18-10-1991 Florafest
Jane ceciliae   sp. australis  sp. 1-01-1989 Upton
Janice Perky hirticalcar  sp. 10-05-2013 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Jasper Judith Edith 30-09-2013 Roper N.
Jaydee Fitzhart Fizzy Dove 13-11-2007 Doney J.
Jeanette Fizzy Dove Jeanne 10-11-2009 Roper N.
Jeanne Weinhart Fitzhart 19-10-1995 Wilson K.
Jedda Judith Redstone 30-11-2005 Roper N.
Jessie Velvet Bobby-Dazzler 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Jewell fitzgeraldii   sp. Weinhart 1-01-1983 Russell K.
Jill Velvet Fairy 13-11-2006 Roper N.
Jim Buchanan Melba Parma 29-07-2014 Western Orchids
Jonathon Epstein Wandjina spathulatus  sp. 22-01-1992 Florafest
Joy Zoe Orange Glow 12-11-2008 Roper N.
Joyful  Duno Nickys Twin Joy 5-01-2015 Butler D.F.
Joyful Cherie Cherie Cherie’s Joy 18-05-2014 O/U
Jozie Judith Zoe 10-11-2009 Roper N.
Judith Melba Fitzhart 9-12-1992 Upton
Judy’s Snowflakes Southern Cross Judith 9-03-1999 Florafest
Judy’s Wine Judith weinthalii   sp. 14-12-1993 Florafest
Julie Weinhart Zoe 14-01-2013 Sharp L & J
Julie-Anne hillii  sp. hirticalcar  sp. 1-08-1996 Currell
Kara Racheal Hot Santa 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Karen aequalis  sp. falcatus  sp. 30-10-95 Simpson Orchids
Karen Ann hartmannii  sp. Dove 20-07-2007 Whitney J.K.
Karla Fairy Zoe 13-11-2006 Roper N.
Kate roseus  sp. Heidi 1-01-1989 Lattimore
Kathy Mavis ceciliae   sp. 1-01-1989 Upton
Kellie Cream Cake Nicky 21-05-2002 Butler D.F.
Kelunji Melba Mavis 30-10-1995 Simpson Orchids
Kerri-Anne Kooroora Kulnura Absolute 11-08-2015 Western K.
Kiama hartmannii  sp. Kulnura Dragonfly 17-10-2014 Roper N.
Kiera Monty Fitzhart 30-01-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Kim Velvet Highton Magic 29-11-2008 Oesch G.
Kinglake George Colthup australis  sp. 18-01-2010 Adams P & S
Kirra-Lea Heidi fitzgeraldii  sp. 14-07-1995 Field
Kiwi Ice Ice Magic hartmannii  sp. 4-12-2013 Tucker R.
Kooroora Judith Yvette 10-10-2010 Roper N.
Kulnura Absolute Sweetheart Bunyip 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Ballerina Bunyip Kulnura Dazzle 8-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Bay Heidi Val 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Beauty Cherie Snow Cherie 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Berry Kurumba Kulnura Musk 8-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Chatter Bunyip Kulnura Festival 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Cinnamon Bunyip Kulnura Rusty 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Contraction Kulnura Impact Heidi 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Coral Rebecca Kurumba 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Crystal Kulnura Glimmer Heidi 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Cut Kurumba Fitzhart 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Dazzel Glowing Embers Elegance 10-07-2008 Barrita
Kulnura Dew Drop Kirra-Lea Sweetheart 9-05-2011 Barrita
Kulnura Dragonfly Sweetheart Elegance 30-10-2008 Barrita
Kulnura Drive Kurumba Orange Glow 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Emotion Hot Ice Kulnura Splash 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Euphoria Kulnura Vibrance Fitzhart 8-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Fair Amber Kurumba 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Fancy hartmannii  sp. Kulnura Dazzle 8-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Festival Elegance Hot ice 9-05-2011 Barrita
Kulnura Fireball Kulnura Intensity Kulnura Spice 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Firemist Zoe Bunyip 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Flash Kulnura Ripple Kulnura Dazzle 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Flip Fairy Kulnura Intensity 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Flood Ella Kulnura Scoop 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Freefall Kulnura Ripple Orange Glow 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Gifted Kulnura Absolute Kulnura Dazzel 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Gizmo Zoe Kulnura Dazzle 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Glimmer Racheal Heidi 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Grim Amber Whip 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura High Madge Bunyip 8-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Holly Sweetheart Harmony 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Honeydew Rebecca Kulnura Lickedy 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Hysteria Sweetheart Parma 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Impact Kurumba Kulnura Vibrance 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Intensity Elegance Kulnura Ripple 9-05-2011 Barrita
Kulnura Iridessa Cherie Dawn Bunyip 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Joker Glowing Embers Yvette 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Joy hartmannii  sp. Madge 8-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Kaleidescope Kurumba Bunyip 20-10-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Lady Kulnura Ripple Kurumba 8-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Lemon Parma Roberta 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Lickedy Cherie Dawn Kulnura Ripple 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Maestro Kulnura Vibrance Rebecca 8-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Marauder Rebecca Elegance 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Marbled Zoe Kulnura Dragonfly 3-03-2015 Barrita
Kulnura Melody Racheal hartmannii  sp. 8-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Mischief Rebecca Parma 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Momentum Kulnura Spice Sweetheart 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Musk Cherie Elegance 10-07-2008 Barrita
Kulnura Need Rebecca Topaz 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Oath Bunyip Kulnura Dew Drop 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Passion Sweetheart Kulnura Dazzle 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Pebble Sweetheart hartmannii  sp. 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Periwinkle Kulnura Ripple Glowing Embers 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Pincer Galaxy Kulnura Ripple 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Pinup Zoe Sweetheart 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Prolific Fitzhart Kulnura Impact 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Reason Zoe hartmannii  sp. 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Recognition Kulnura Impact Sweetheart 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Ridgeback Kulnura Lickedy Elegance 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Ripple Heidi Canary 21-12-2009 Barrita
Kulnura Rosetta Zoe Elegance 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Roundup Kulnura Dazzel Rosella 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Ruby Kulnura Dazzel Kulnura Vibrance 8-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Rusty Bunyip Kulnura Ripple 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Salsa Cherie Dawn Kulnura Surprise 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Sanctuary Heidi Bunyip 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Scoop Hot Ice Tin Yin Lara 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Search Kulnura Dazzel Edith 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Secure Kulnura Emotion  Kulnura Dazzel 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Shades Rebecca Tin Yin Lara 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Smoothie Glowing Embers Zoe 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Songbird Kulnura Ripple Sweetheart 8-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Spice Kulnura Dazzel Kurumba 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Splash Elegance Heidi 10-07-2008 Barrita
Kulnura Stroke Bunyip Joy 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Surprise Elegance Fitzhart 10-07-2008 Barrita
Kulnura Sweetie Cherie Snow Glowing Embers 10-07-2008 Barrita
Kulnura Symphony Elegance Bunyip 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Talent Kulnura Dazzel Elegance 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Tictac Kulnura Vibrance Kulnura Rusty 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Treat Bunyip Grace 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Twirl Kulnura Ripple Kulnura Musk 8-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Vibrance Cherie Snow Elegance 10-07-2008 Barrita
Kulnura Vision Seung Eun Chai Heidi 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Warrior hartmannii  sp. Bunyip 8-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Whomping Kulnura Flash Kulnura Impact 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kulnura Wild Rebecca Fitzhart 8-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Zephyr Sweetheart Kulnura Musk 1-11-2013 Barrita
Kulnura Zonke Kulnura Dazzel Fiery Glow 5-01-2016 Barrita
Kunama Snowhart Fairy 13-11-2006 Roper N.
Kurumba Victor Heidi 9-05-2011 Woolf Orchid Culture
Lailah Elise hartmannii  sp. 10-05-2005 Butler D.F.
Lara Misty Tin Yin Lara 3-12-2009 Butler D.F.
Larrelle Fizzy Dove Ailsa 23-05-2013 Roper N.
Layla Kellie Velvet 10-11-2009 Roper N.
Leanne Sharon Fitzhart 4-12-2011 Woolf J.
Lenevans Aussie Weinman hartmannii  sp. 23-11-2006 Roper N.
Leone Melba olivaceus  sp. 1-12-1987 Upton
Leopard Elegance Fiery Glow 10-12-2013 Woolf Orchid Culture
Lindsay Robson Bobby-Dazzler hartmannii  sp. 21-07-2011 DUNO
Little Angel Otways Sunset fitzgeraldii  sp. 21-01-2005 Brown D & L
Little Pip Dove weinthalii   sp. 7-11-2002 Butler D.F.
Lloyd Perryman Melba George Colthup 13-10-2014 Botanic Ridge Orch.
Lois ceciliae  sp. hartmannii  sp. 1-12-1966 Butler I.
Long Star Southern Cross hartmannii  sp. 1-01-1987 Harris
Lorina Star Struck Melody 17-11-2010 Dougherty L.
Lorna Redstone hartmannii  sp. 20-11-2003 Roper N.
Lorraine Fagg Verolica fitzgeraldii  sp. 9-11-1993 Florafest
Lotus Lois spathulatus  sp. 8-10-1992 Skillcorn
Love Song Serenade Edith 5-11-2015 Butler D.F.
Lowana Lois falcatus  sp. 1-01-1985 Brandon
Lucky Charm George Colthup Charm 14-11-2013 Whitney J.K.
Lustrous Elegance Velvet 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Lyn Dove Cherie 6-12-2005 Roper N.
Lyric Melody Nicky 10-07-2008 Butler D.F.
M and M falcatus  sp. Velvet 4-11-2011 Adams M & M
Madge hartmannii  sp. Snowhart 30-10-2007 Roper N.
Magenta Fitzhart Fairy 30-11-2005 Roper N.
Magic Duno Nicky’s Twin Zoe 20-10-2009 Roper N.
Magic Sun Toowoomba Magic Sunny 11-12-2014 Hockey P.J.
Mandana Armstrong serrulatus  sp. 14-12-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Mara Edith Maria 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Marcia Who Bobby-Dazzler Fitzhart 16-01-2004 DUNO
Margaret Glowing Embers Heidi 14-12-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Margaret Cottrell Melody hirticalcar  sp. 8-04-1998 Smedley
Margaret Isaac Duno Judilly australis  sp. 24-01-2014 Adams P & S
Maria Peace Fizzy Dove 10-10-2010 Roper N.
Marina Harriott ceciliae   sp. Velvet 24-03-2005 Royale Orchids
Marion Fitzhart olivaceus  sp. 1-01-1983 Upton
Mark’s Wish Cherie’s Wish Sweetheart 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Marlene Fitzhart Glowing Embers 29-11-2008 Laurent M.J.
Mary Larkin Roberta Snowhart 27-07-2012 Botanic Ridge Orch.
Mary-Ellen Davis Colonial Rose Sunny 30-01-2016 Kozlowski C.J.
Maud Olive Nymph Cherie 5-01-2009 Adams P & S
Mavis ceciliae  sp. fitzgeraldii  sp. 1-12-1969 Butler I.
May Amber Gail 30-09-2013 Roper N.
May Isaac Canary Riverdene 24-01-2014 Adams P & S
Maybrook Peace Joy 17-10-2014 Roper N.
Melamber Amber Melody 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Melba hartmannii  sp. falcatus  sp. 1-12-1966 Butler I.
Melba Magic Melba Highton Magic 16-11-2005 Garrett G.
Melo Jewel Jewell Melodic 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Melodic George Colthup Melody 3-11-2008 Connelly T.
Melody Melba fitzgeraldii  sp. 1-12-1987 Upton
Memoria Albie Frances Riverdene 16-01-2006 DUNO
Memoria Bill Mucklestone Aussie Dawn Tin Yin Lara 28-08-2012 Abell G.
Memoria Dennis Wood Dove Judith 16-07-2012 Roper N.
Memoria Doug Abell Cherie Peter Jackson 5-10-2011 Abell G.
Memoria Ida Abell Fizzy Dove Tin Yin Lara 28-08-2012 Abell G.
Memoria Jack Abell Tin Yin Lara Harmony 5-10-2011 Butler D.F.
Memoria Jean Stewart Harmonic Melody 11-12-2014 Hockey P.J.
Memoria Leney Smith Fitzhart Mavis 23-11-1993 Simpson Orchids
Memoria Lyndon Stewart Melody Sunny 11-12-2014 Hockey P.J.
Memoria Margaret Phair Zola fitzgeraldii  sp. 15-10-2008 Walsh J.
Memoria Neville Roper Judith Duno Nickys Twin 16-11-2015 Lawson I.
Merlin Star Struck Cream Puff 29-11-2008 Oesch G.
Micheal Derham Arcadia Melba 20-01-1994 Florafest
Michelledee Bunyip Judith 15-11-2013 Doney J.
Millie Mavis hillii  sp. 22-11-1993 Upton
Min Min Star Struck Fitzhart 13-11-2006 Roper N.
Minnow Zoe Min Min 19-10-2010 Roper N.
Minuet hillii  sp. hartmannii  sp. 1-01-1966 Butler I.
Mischief Magenta weinthalii 6-04-2016 Butler D.F.
Misty Aussie Dawn Riverdene 19-01-2001 Butler D.F.
Misty’s Twin Misty Duno Nickys Twin 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Mogo Sweetheart Allana 10-10-2014 Roper N.
Molly Dove Jeanne 20-11-2003 Roper N.
Monty Melba Sharon 6-06-2011 Fagg L.
Moonlight First Light Twilight 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Morning Glory Aussie Dawn Duno Nickys Twin 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
My Min Min Humming Bird Min Min 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Myola Gail Cliona 30-09-2013 Roper N.
Mystic Star Struck Duno Nickys Twin 19-09-2013 Roper N.
Nabiac Melody Heidi 2-07-1997 Gregory
Nanga Mai Ginger hartmannii  sp. 10-10-2010 Roper N.
Natalie Charlotte Riverdene 30-11-2005 Roper N.
Nell Marion falcatus  sp. 20-11-2003 Roper N.
Nelligen Karla Cracker 17-10-2014 Roper N.
New Dawn Judith Hot Ice 2-03-2006 Connelly T.
Ngungun Star Struck weinthalii   sp. 10-01-2006 Simpson Orchids
Nicky fitzgeraldii   sp. hirticalcar  sp. 1-01-1982 Cannon
Nicky’s Blush Duno Nicky’s Twin Tin Yin Lara 31-10-2013 Butler D.F.
Nicky’s Girl Duno Nickys Twin Heidi 5-01-2015 Butler D.F.
Nickys Twin Bees Duno Nicky’s Twin hartmannii  sp. 9-11-2012 DUNO
Noah hartmannii  sp. Arcadia 19-12-2002 Adelaide Orchids
Noble Poet Noah hartmannii  sp. 19-12-2002 Adelaide Orchids
Noreen Arcadia Lois 6-03-1995 Simpson 
Norma Judith River Song 30-10-2007 Roper N.
Nugget Kunama Amber 19-09-2013 Roper N.
Ochre Orange Glow Clara 19-10-2010 Roper N.
Olga hirticalcar  sp. minutiflos  sp. 27-11-2008 Cleal D.
Olive Nymph Melba australis  sp. 1-01-1989 Adams
Opal Topaz fitzgeraldii  sp. 1-11-2002 Russell K.
Opal’s Dream Ella Magenta 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Opal’s Magic Toowoomba Magic Grace 11-12-2014 Hockey P.J.
Orange Glow Jeanne Heidi 15-05-2002 Wilson K.
Oranmeir Peace Yvette 31-10-2013 Roper N.
Otways Lois australis  sp. 13-11-1992 Florafest
Otways Gem Marion australis  sp. 18-10-1995 Florafest
Otways Robin Bernice Klein australis  sp. 6-06-2011 Woolf Orchid Culture
Otways Sparkle Cherry Derham australis  sp. 11-07-1997 Florafest
Otways Star Arcadia australis  sp. 14-12-1993 Florafest
Otways Sunset Fitzhart australis  sp. 14-12-1993 Florafest
Ozzydil australis dilatatus  sp. 28-12-2014 Western Orchids
Parma Topaz Roberta 12-11-2012 Roper N.
Party Poppers Kate Heidi 17-01-2013 Kozlowski C.J.
Pat Magenta Dove 10-11-2009 Roper N.
Patricia Abell Dove Rosie Glow 16-12-2002 Abell G.
Patricia Hill Frances fitzgeraldii  sp. 31-01-1997 Hill S.
Peace Dove Cherie Snow 13-11-2006 Roper N.
Peach Spots fitzgeraldii   sp. weinthalii  sp. 15-04-1991 Simpson Orchids
Penny  Fiery Glow Fitzhart 14-12-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Penny Ann Pinky australis  sp. 12-11-1991 Upton
Peppermint Spots Issy’s Rainbow falcatus  sp. 4-11-2011 Woolf J.
Perky hartmannii  sp. spathulatus  sp. 1-11-1972 Butler I.
Peter Jackson Burgundy on ice fitzgeraldii  sp. 20-10-2005 Royale Orchids
Phyllis ceciliae  sp. falcatus  sp. 1-01-1965 Butler I.
Piccaninny Bunyip Kirra-Lea 3-06-2012 westen Orch.
Pindan Spots Mavis weinthalii   sp. 30-10-1995 Simpson Orchids
Pink Blossum Pinky falcatus  sp. 13-11-1992 Florafest
Pink Cascades Shooting Star fitzgeraldii  sp. 2-12-1997 Florafest
Pink Panther Fizzy Dove Edith 15-10-2013 Roper N.
Pinkhart Lois hartmannii  sp. 1-01-1983 Russell K.
Pinkhide Heidi Pinkhart 5-11-1996 Skillcorn
Pinky Mavis hartmannii  sp. 1-12-1987 Skillcorn
Pippy Peach Spots Fitzhart 5-11-1998 Roper N.
Pixie Ann Pixie Pearls Karen Ann 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Pixie Dust Cherie’s Wine fitzgeraldii  sp. 24-10-1995 Florafest
Pixie Pearls Weinhart Cherie 10-05-2005 Butler D.F.
Polka-Dot Pinkhart hirticalcar  sp. 7-04-1994 Finch
Powder Puff ceciliae  sp. Fitzhart 4-08-1993 Florafest
Private Bin Burgundy on ice hartmannii  sp. 10-01-2011 Roper N.
Purity George Colthup hartmannii  sp. 3-12-2009 Butler D.F.
Purple Pearls ceciliae Heidi 20-10-2013 Santa Barbara
Racheal Heidi hartmannii  sp. 7-07-1998 Clement
Rachel Emma Amber Rebecca 16-11-2015 Lawson I.
Rebecca Ginger Snowhart 13-11-2006 Roper N.
Red Cascades Pinky fitzgeraldii  sp. 2-12-1997 Florafest
Red Dawn Aussie Dawn Yvette 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Red Gull Fairy Cherie Dawn 4-10-2011 Connelly T.
Red Imp Nicky Fairy 30-10-2007 Roper N.
Redstone Cherie Elizabeth 19-10-1995 Wilson K.
Regan Melba hirticalcar  sp. 30-01-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Restless Harmony Elegance 5-01-2016 Barrita
Rich Kid Duno Nickys Twin Cenedra 19-11-2015 Butler D.F.
Ricks Dawn Dawn Hart hartmannii  sp. 25-12-2011 DUNO
River Mist Misty Riverdene 10-12-2012 Butler D.F.
River Song Melody Riverdene 19-01-2001 Butler D.F.
Riverdene hartmannii  sp. hirticalcar  sp. 1-01-1976 Jupp
Roberta Cherie Snow Snowhart 13-11-2006 Roper N.
Rosalie Mavis Heidi 7-01-1993 Duthie
Rosella Zoe Fizzy Dove 10-11-2009 Roper N.
Rosemary Goldheart Roberta 17-10-2014 Roper N.
Rosette Yvette Rosella 10-03-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Rosie Elise Dove 28-10-2005 Roper N.
Rosie Glow Verolica Fitzhart 9-03-1999 Florafest
Rosy Dawn Racheal Cherie 2-03-2006 Connelly T.
Rosy Morn Kirra-Lea Aurora 2-11-2007 Connelly T.
Roy Gill Melba Heidi 6-03-1995 Gregory
Royal Amber Amber Royale Red 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Royale Red Royale Ruby Cherie 24-03-2005 Royale Orchids
Royale Ruby Fitzhart Hot Ice 24-03-2005 Royale Orchids
Ruby ceciliae   sp. Pinkhart 1-01-1989 Skillcorn
Ruby Chips Aussie Weinman Fitzhart 5-10-2009 Spence P.
Ruby Rose Cherie Snow fitzgeraldii  sp. 28-05-2015 Jackson P.L.
Ruby Snow Tin Yin Lara hartmannii  sp. 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Ruffles Pinky Heidi 5-11-1996 Skillcorn
Russell Lee Olive Nymph Heidi 5-01-2009 Adams P & S
Rusty Imp Kellie Roberta 31-10-2013 Roper N.
Saffron Cream Cake Snowhart 28-10-2005 Roper N.
Samantha Helen Lorraine Patricia Abell 11-08-2015 Western K.
Samantha Joy ceciliae   sp. First Light 9-03-1999 Florafest
Sandon Rose Elizabeth hartmannii  sp. 1-12-1987 Whitecombe
Seamus Murphy Tribrogargan hirticalcar  sp. 17-02-2003 Simpson Orchids
Selcher Selwyn Cherie 5-11-1997 Upton
Selina Arcadia fitzgeraldii  sp. 12-11-1992 Upton
Selmann Selwyn hartmannii  sp. 22-11-1993 Upton
Selwyn fitzgeraldii   sp. Perky 1-11-1987 Whitecombe
Serena Judith Fairy 13-11-2006 Roper N.
Serenade Yvette Melody 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Settler’s Goldmine George Colthup Amber 13-10-2014 Botanic Ridge Orch.
Settler’s Rose Kiwi Ice Amber 13-10-2014 Botanic Ridge Orch.
Settler’s Sunshine Roberta Amber 13-10-2014 Botanic Ridge Orch.
Seung Eun Chai Sherlock hartmannii  sp. 5-06-2002 Chai
Sharaz Burgundy Bubbles Cherie 28-05-2015 Jackson P.L.
Sharon Wandjina fitzgeraldii  sp. 6-02-1992 Florafest
Shawna Riverdene serrulatus  sp. 14-12-2015 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Sherlock Pinky hartmannii  sp. 28-04-1995 Harper
Shimmy hartmannii  sp. Roberta 14-10-2015 Edwards L.A.
Shooting Star fitzgeraldii   sp. australis  sp. 1-01-1980 Banks
Showtime Rosie Glow Flair 7-02-2011 Harper S.
Sid hartmannii  sp. Glowing Embers 29-11-2008 Laurent M.J.
Snow Mist Misty Snowhart 20-06-2013 Butler D.F.
Snowhart Cherie Snow hartmannii  sp. 5-11-1998 Roper N.
Snowtime Cherie Snow Melody 15-05-2002 Wilson K.
Soft Touch Velvet hartmannii  sp. 10-12-2012 Butler D.F.
Sonata Dove Tin Yin Lara 3-12-2009 Butler D.F.
Songbird Dove River Song 13-11-2006 Roper N.
Sonval Velvet Sonata 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Sophie Redstone fitzgeraldii  sp. 2-11-2000 Roper N.
Southern Cross hartmannii  sp. australis  sp. 1-12-1972 Butler I.
Space Girl Galaxy Heidi 5-01-2015 Butler D.F.
Space Race Galaxy hartmannii  sp. 5-01-2015 Butler D.F.
Sparkles Nabiac weinthalii  sp. 6-04-2016 Butler D.F.
Spellbound Norma Duno Nickys Twin 10-10-2014 Roper N.
Star Struck Southern Cross fitzgeraldii  sp. 1-01-1989 Harris
Star Trek Suzette australis  sp. 13-10-2014 Botanic Ridge Orch.
Stardust Castle hartmannii  sp. Hot Santa 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Starhart Star Struck hartmannii  sp. 26-01-2000 Roper N.
Starry Eyes Star Struck fitzgeraldii  sp. 4-12-2006 Walsh J.
Steels Creek Velvet australis  sp. 18-01-2010 Adams P & S
Streamy Judith Cherie’s Joy 10-11-2009 Roper N.
Sue Empress Kathy 10-06-1994 Upton
Sun Spot Fitzhart falcatus  sp. 15-04-1991 Harris
Sundaani Blaze Ruby Snow Kulnura Firemist 11-12-2014 Hockey P.J.
Sundaani Ice Burgundy on ice Nabiac 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Sundaani Sun Galaxy Sunny 14-02-2014 Hockey P.J.
Sundaani’s Comet Galaxy Firebird 11-12-2014 Hockey P.J.
Sundaani’s Galaxy Galaxy Parma 11-12-2014 Hockey P.J.
Sundaani’s Grace Fitzhart Grace 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Sundaani’s Harmony Harmonic Kulnura Beauty 11-12-2014 Hockey P.J.
Sundaani’s Hart hartmannii  sp. Flirting 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Sundaani’s Joy hartmannii  sp. Joyful Cherie 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Sundaani’s Kirra Leanne Kirra-Lea 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Sundaani’s Moonlight Galaxy Kulnura Firemist 11-12-2014 Hockey P.J.
Sundaani’s Wish Cherie’s Wish Magenta 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Sunny Roberta Fizzy Dove 10-11-2009 Roper N.
Sunvale Annette Velvet Star Snowhart 29-01-2013 Hutchins D & P
Sunvale Beverly hartmannii  sp. Highton Magic 29-01-2013 Hutchins D & P
Sunvale Buttercup Galaxy Topaz 5-11-2012 Hutchins D & P
Sunvale David hartmannii  sp. Marina Harriott 29-01-2013 Hutchins D & P
Sunvale Firehart hartmannii  sp. Firebird 6-11-2012 Hutchins D & P
Sunvale Greenice Burgundy on Ice spathulatus  sp. 6-11-2012 Hutchins D & P
Sunvale Heidihart Heidi Snowhart 6-11-2012 Hutchins D & P
Sunvale Peach Fizzy Dove Velvet 13-06-2011 Hutchins D & P
Sunvale Snowbird Firebird Snowhart 6-11-2012 Hutchins D & P
Sunvale Sun Spot Cherie Snowhart 13-06-2011 Hutchins D & P
Sunvale Sunrise Pixie Pearls hartmannii  sp. 13-06-2011 Hutchins D & P
Sunvale Sunset Fizzy Dove Snowhart 13-06-2011 Hutchins D & P
Supernova Aurora Cherie 26-02-2009 Connelly T.
Susan falcatus  sp. weinthalii  sp. 1-01-1985 Florafest
Suzette Fitzhart hirticalcar  sp. 4-02-2008 Butler D.F.
Sweet Melody Sweetheart Melody 9-06-2008 Santa Barbara
Sweetheart Fitzhart Heidi 26-05-1998 Clement
Sweetie Mavis hirticalcar  sp. 11-09-1991 Upton
Sylvia Opal Cherie 14-11-2002 Roper N.
Tarnie Weinhart Heidi 26-10-1995 Roper N.
Tathra Roberta Kunama 10-10-2014 Roper N.
Tawny Port Kirra-Lea Royale Red 30-04-2015 Jackson P.L.
Thea Rosemary Wandjina Heidi 4-11-2010 Shaughnessy J.D.
Thoughtful Purity hartmannii  sp. 5-01-2015 Butler D.F.
Tibrogargan Cherie Pinky 15-11-2000 Simpson Orchids
Tiffany falcatus  sp. Elizabeth 23-11-1993 Simpson Orchids
Tigersun Tigress Fitzhart 15-04-1991 Simpson Orchids
Tigress Fitzhart spathulatus  sp. 15-04-1991 Simpson Orchids
Tin Yin Lara Melody fitzgeraldii  sp. 9-01-1998 Gregory
Tina Molly Snowhart 12-11-2008 Roper N.
Tineka Ann Karen Ann Fizzy Dove 28-05-2013 Whitney J.K.
Tinny Yvonne Orange Glow 19-10-2010 Roper N.
Toby Judith Fizzy Dove 10-10-2010 Roper N.
Tomas Kinsella George Colthup Duno Nickys Twin 23-07-2015 K.Kingsley
Toowoomba Fancy Sharon Bernice Klein 4-11-2011 Woolf J.
Toowoomba Magic George Colthup Sharon 4-11-2011 Woolf J.
Toowoomba Rose Elizabeth fitzgeraldii  sp. 4-11-2011 Woolf J.
Top Shelf Bessie Burgundy Bubbles 30-04-2015 Jackson P.L.
Topaz Perky hartmannii  sp. 1-11-2002 Russell K.
Trinket Yvette weinthalii   sp. 16-03-2007 Butler D.F.
Tuross Topaz Kunama 10-10-2014 Roper N.
Twilight Aussie Dawn Royale Ruby 20-03-2010 Harper S.
Twinkle Elegance spathulatus  sp. 15-12-2015 Butler D.F.
Val Sweetheart Heidi 29-11-2008 Laurent M.J.
Valencia Orange Glow Burgundy on Ice 10-11-2009 Roper N.
Velvet  Nicky Riverdene 9-03-1998 Finch
Velvet Dawn Aussie Dawn Velvet 3-12-2009 Butler D.F.
Velvet Lace Goyju-Talawah Velvet 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Velvet Mist Misty Velvet 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Velvet Star Star Struck Velvet 16-11-2011 Butler D.F.
Velwen Velvet Gwen 17-01-2014 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Verolica falcatus  sp. fitzgeraldii  sp. 1-01-1989 Wuth
Victor Nicky hartmannii  sp. 2-02-2001 DUNO
Victoria hartmannii  sp. aequalis  sp. 20-10-1999 Brown
Wairo Amber Fizzy Dove 17-10-2014 Roper N.
Walnut Valley Sweetheart Kirra-Lea hartmannii  sp. 19-05-2012 Rinke B.
Wandjina Mavis falcatus  sp. 30-10-1991 Florafest
Weinhart hartmannii  sp. weinthalii  sp. 1-01-1970 Cannons
Werri Madge Amber 12-11-2012 Roper N.
Western’s Surprise spathulatus weinthalii 12-07-2012 Western Orchids
Whip Dove Topaz 5-01-2016 Barrita
Wilde Rose roseus   sp. fitzgeraldii  sp. 30-03-1995 Lattimore
Witchy Woman Duno Nicky’s Twin Pat 17-10-2014 Roper N.
Wizz Fizz Fitzhart Zoe 1-06-2015 Hanging Gardens
WOC Sunfire Roberta Galaxy 21-09-2015 Woolf J.
Wollumbin Sunrise Pinky hirticalcar  sp. 30-10-1995 Simpson Orchids
Wongie falcatus  sp. australis  sp. 25-02-1997 Currell
Woodcroft Noah fitzgeraldii  sp. 19-12-2002 Adelaide Orchids
Woodside Fitzhart Zoe’s Best 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Woollamia Fizzy Dove Cherie Snow 9-01-2012 Roper N.
Xanthia Gail Roberta 10-10-2014 Roper N.
Yalwal Sweetheart Yvette 12-11-2012 Roper N.
Yellow Hart Starhart hartmannii  sp. 28-05-2015 Jackson P.L.
You Beauty Bobby-Dazzler falcatus  sp. 22-02-2004 Gibson P.
Yvette Cherie Fitzhart 5-11-1998 Roper N.
Yvonne Judith Cherie 20-11-2003 Roper N.
Zena Melba Fairy 30-11-2005 Roper N.
Zillie Lois Heidi 8-10-1990 Roper N.
Zoe Cherie Snow Heidi 2-11-2000 Roper N.
Zoe’s Best Zoe Sophie 18-05-2014 Hockey P.J.
Zola George Colthup Judith 22-09-2008 Walsh J.
Zyzzy Velvet spathulatus  sp. 10-11-2009 Roper N.

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