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Dockrillia Registrations

Dockrillia Registrations

Our thanks to Darryl Corbett, author, compiler and updater for allowing us to publish this liston our site.

Dockrillia groups are now Dendrobium rhizobium and in our show schedule we will have three classes:

  • Den rhizobium Species
  • Den rhizobium hybrid
  • Den rhizobium Australasian

Key: Plants in BLACK are Australian, plants in RED are Australasian.

Click on the heading of any column you wish to resort the table by that column.
Sort multiple columns simultaneously by holding down the shift key and clicking a second, third column header!

A Ding TBS Tweetie Black Spider 13-05-10 Orchids A Ding 
Allison Saboteur erythraeum 28-02-12 Bennett R.J
Amaroo mortii falcorostrum 01-01-86 Brandon C.
Amphion Callisto calamiforme Tweetie 25-02-16 Dimos G.
Amphion Candaon Martin Hot and Grumpy 21-08-15 Dimos G.
Amphion Charm Jake Noah Grumpy 04-05-12 Dimos G.
Amphion Delight Hot and Grumpy Fifteen O Four 17-09-12 Dimos G.
Amphion Dream fuliginosum Grumpy 16-05-12 Dimos G.
Amphion Falls Anthedon  Australian Sunblessed 16-05-12 Dimos G.
Amphion Flare Lallal Tweetie 11-03-16 Dimos G.
Amphion Glory Olga Wenck Grumpy 16-05-12 Dimos G.
Amphion Glow Dorn’s Bill teretifolium 29-08-12 Dimos G.
Amphion Joy Aussie Hot Lips dolichophyllum 21-08-15 Dimos G.
Amphion Miletus Martin Tweetas 21-08-15 Dimos G.
Amphion Sunset Tweetie Anthedon 25-02-16 Dimos G.
Amphion Surprise Zoe Byrne-Dimos Memoria Jean Deas 25-02-16 Dimos G.
Amphion Veil Tweetie teretifolium 25-02-16 Dimos G.
Amythaon Grumpy pugioniforme 16-02-05 Dimos G.
Anthedon nugentii racemosum 16-05-12 Dimos G.
Anthedon Gem calamiforme cucumerinum 08-03-13 Dimos G.
Anthedon Ladies racemosum schoeninum 21-05-12 Dimos G.
Anthedon Splendour dolichophyllum teretifolium 29-08-12 Dimos G.
Anthedon Star schoeninum calamiforme 21-08-15 Dimos G.
Anthedon Veil Fifteen O Four teretifolium 21-08-15 Dimos G.
Aussie Cascade pugioniforme schoeninum 01-01-83 Spence P.
Aussie Firefly striolatum Falling Embers 29-02-16 Santa Barbara
Aussie Hot Lips Tweetie mortii 01-05-12 Dimos G.
Aussie Phil mortii fuliginosum 16-02-05 Dimos G.
Australian Freckles schoeninum fuliginosum 13-04-07 Australian O.N.
Australian Gherkin Australian Lemon Pepper cucumerinum 18-06-09 Australian O.N.
Australian Ginger striolatum fuliginosum 02-12-03 Australian O.N.
Australian Lemon Pepper fuliginosum cucumerinum 30-05-07 Australian O.N.
Australian Luscious Lip Australian Sunblessed striolatum 04-01-11 Australian O.N.
Australian Purple Pepper fuliginosum nugentii 30-05-07 Australian O.N.
Australian Sunblessed fuliginosum dolichophyllum 17-03-09 Australian O.N.
Australian Tweetiebow bowmannii Tweetie 06-05-15 Hutchinson J.W.
Australian Yum Yum Australian Freckles Hot Coals 15-10-15 Turville W.
Ayr Queensland canaliculatum teretifolium 01-01-83 Simpson S.
Beaumont Saboteur Grumpy 15-10-10 Harper S.
Belmont Tweetas cucumerinum 14-12-15 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Belmont Dream Tweetas linguiforme 14-12-15 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Belmont Jewel nugentii Lilac Queen 14-12-15 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Belmont Splendour  Jake Noah linguiforme 14-12-15 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Belmont Splendour gx
Belmont Mist Group
linguiforme Jake Noah 14-12-15 Fitzsimmons C.W.
nugentii Jake Noah 14-12-15 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Belmont Surprise erythraeum cucumerinum 14-12-15 Fitzsimmons C.W.
Beulah speciosum cucumerinum 27-04-98 White M.G.
Beverley Anne rigidum cucumerinum 15-02-93 Young G.R.
Bronze Belle fuliginosum Julie Skillicorn 13-11-97 Leafberg G.
Brookvale Tweetie pugioniforme 24-12-02 Spence P.
Burle cucumerinum schoeninum 01-01-84 Brandon C.
Butch Goose Bumps Sylvester 23-11-06 Down Under N.O.
Catherine Stephen fuliginosum 08-10-98 Sherwood A.
Cenchrias Australian Freckles fairfaxii 14-05-12 Dimos G.
Comboyne pugioniforme fairfaxii 12-05-98 Banks David
Dainty Cascades pugioniforme mortii 01-01-84 Upton W.T.
Dainty Dame Tweetie brevicaudum 06-10-09 Spence P.
David Scott linguiforme pugioniforme 16-08-12 Upton W.T.
David Sean Australian Freckles Fiona Louise 16-11-10 Harper S.
De Pablo Jiggi Sylvester 11-02-09 Down Under N.O.
Dorian Tweetie Fay Moore 15-10-08 Dunn Mrs. J.
Dorn’s Bill Fay Moore fuliginosum 16-04-12 Dimos G.
Duffy striolatum pugioniforme 01-01-84 Skillicorn W.
Edric wassellii linguiforme 26-08-08 Bailey Eric
Elfin Dainty Cascades kingianum 01-01-84 Upton W.T.
Emma Christina schoeninum contextum 02-04-14 Liddy W.
Eric Olsen Tweetas Australian Ginger 29-10-14 Down Under N.O.
Etta Place Gillieston Glow teretifolium 19-11-07 Down Under N.O.
Eva Louise Green Gem Tweetie 31-07-12 Lee Douglas
Fairy Castles Tango Brian striolatum 06-02-14 Dunn Mrs. J.
Falling Embers fuliginosum Ida Mary  06-10-09 Spence P.
Fay Moore Rosemary Jupp teretifolium 01-01-84 Jupp V.& N.
Fifteen O Four Anthedon Splendour Jake Noah 17-09-12 Dimos G.
Fiona Louise dolichophyllum pugioniforme 15-10-10 Harper S.
Flighty bowmannii kingianum 16-10-00 Fisher W.
foederatum nat. h.yb rigidum teretifolium
Frances Byrne-Dimos Phil’s Delight Aussie Hot Lips 14-05-12 Dimos G.
Fred Steenbeeke striolatum monophyllum 06-07-94 Steenbeeke G.
Gillieston Glow Stephen fuliginosum 11-04-91 Skillicorn W.
Gillieston’s Pepper Pot Limestone fuliginosum 12-01-96 Florafest
Glenn Wall bowmannii linguiforme 01-01-84 Jupp V.& N.
Goose Bumps teretifolium cucumerinum 01-01-77 Jupp V.& N.
Granma Sylvester Tweetie 16-01-04 Down Under N.O.
Green Cascades Dainty Cascades pugioniforme 10-11-94 Upton W.T.
Green Gem Aussie Cascade striolatum 23-10-96 His & Hers
Grey Ghost striolatum Rosemary Jupp 23-11-06 Down Under N.O.
Grumpy   Aussie Phil striolatum 16-02-05 Dimos G.
Grumpy Doll Grumpy dolichophyllum 14-05-12 Dimos G.
Grumpy Ladies Grumpy schoeninum 21-05-12 Dimos G.
Harmon Rosemary Jupp grimesii 19-02-10 Down Under N.O.
Hot and Grumpy Grumpy Aussie Hot Lips 01-05-12 Dimos G.
Hot Coals fuliginosum erythraeum 16-05-11 Spence P.
Hunter Sand Dune Tamara teretifolium 14-07-15 Farrell C.
hybrid n pugioniforme tenuissimum
hybrid p pugioniforme teretifolium
Ida Mary schoeninum mortii 01-01-85 Skillicorn W.
Jack Tinson Oliver Jack striolatum 19-08-12 Down Under N.O.
Jake Noah striolatum dolichophyllum 03-02-12 Harper S.
James Garner Grey Ghost dolichophyllum 09-09-13 Down Under N.O.
Jeanne’s Joy dolichophyllum Bronze Belle 27-11-09 Dunn Mrs. J.
Jeannette Byrne-Dimos Martin Aussie Hot Lips 08-05-12 Dimos G.
Jiggi schoeninum teretifolium 01-01-83 Brandon C.
Julie Skillicorn mortii striolatum 01-01-82 Skillicorn W.
Jungle Juice Australian Ginger Ida Mary  06-10-09 Spence P.
Kalon Byrne-Dimos Dorn’s Bill Grumpy 16-04-12 Dimos G.
Lallal Australian Freckles teretifolium 16-11-10 Harper S.
Lauren Rosemary Jupp Aussie Phil 27-11-09 Down Under N.O.
Lee-Anne striolatum Gillieston Glow 25-07-11 Harper S.
Lemon Lace gracillimum mortii 01-01-88 Upton W.T.
Lilac Queen Australian Freckles Grumpy 15-10-10 Harper S.
Lime Sherbet Julie Skillicorn Aussie Cascade 06-10-09 Spence P.
Limestone bowmannii cucumerinum 01-01-85 Skillicorn W.
Luey-May striolatum Dainty Cascades 14-02-05 Creeggan J.
Maddison racemosum rigidum 25-02-97 Currell R.
Maria Nancy Duffy Australian Ginger 06-06-12 Harper S.
Marlene fuliginosum pugioniforme 17-08-09 Dunn Mrs. J.
Marls Scott David pugioniforme 06-02-14 Dunn Mrs. J.
Martin Tweetie Duffy 15-10-08 Dunn Mrs. J.
Memoria Eleftheria Dimos Australian Purple Pepper Tweetie 13-07-15 Dimos G.
Memoria Jean Deas fuliginosum calamiforme 08-05-12 Dimos G.
Memoria Merv Ditchmen racemosum fairfaxii 12-08-97 Rex G.
Michael Jupp schoeninum linguiforme 01-01-80 Jupp V.& N.
Mort’s Gem Bronze Belle mortii 22-05-15 Walsh J.
Mulgrave Tweetas Fiona Louise 16-11-10 Harper S.
New Age teretifolium fairfaxii 31-07-12 Lee Douglas
Numbat linguiforme rigidum 02-04-97 Smedley D.
Nutmeg Ida Mary Australian Lemon Pepper 06-10-09 Spence P.
Olga Wenck Virginia Jupp racemosum 06-07-05 Adriaans  L.
Oliver Jack Jiggi striolatum 16-01-04 Down Under N.O.
Papuan Embers Tweetie erythraeum 13-07-15 Dimos G.
Pauleen Mary Tweetas Aussie Hot Lips 14-01-13 Harper S.
Perrette Tweetie Ida Mary  25-03-08 Down Under N.O.
Phil’s Delight Aussie Phil dolichophyllum 14-05-12 Dimos G.
Pink Pencil kingianum teretifolium 28-11-84 Upton W.T.
Rajes Fiona Louise Grumpy 16-11-10 Harper S.
Red Devil Aussie Phil fuliginosum 13-07-09 Harper S.
Rigidigge rigidum bowmannii 09-05-96 Rex G.
Rocky Carroll Jiggi Sundance 15-08-11 Down Under N.O.
Rosemary Jupp striolatum teretifolium 24-11-75 Jupp V.& N.
Saboteur Tweetie schoeninum 20-03-10 Harper S.
Samuel Noah Tweetas Grumpy 14-05-12 Dimos G.
Scott David Duffy pugioniforme 13-01-14 Dunn Mrs. J.
Sean Murray Oliver Jack Tweetie 21-07-11 Down Under N.O.
Sharday chordiforme Tweetie 02-12-13 Down Under N.O.
Stephen schoeninum striolatum 22-11-83 Skillicorn W.
Striking kingianum striolatum 03-10-96 His & Hers
Strioling striolatum linguiforme 10-11-94 Upton W.T.
Sultana Tamara fuliginosum 27-11-09 Dunn Mrs. J.
Summer Snow teretifolium vagans 14-09-14 Santa Barbara
Sundance Goose Bumps fairfaxii 23-11-06 Down Under N.O.
Super Ruffles Rosemary Jupp mortii 01-01-87 Harris R.E.
Sylvester Jiggi teretifolium 31-01-03 Down Under N.O.
Tamara fuliginosum Duffy 15-10-08 Dunn Mrs. J.
Tango Brian racemosum linguiforme 13-01-14 Dunn Mrs. J.
Tania Green Gem Rosemary Jupp 24-10-12 Dunn Mrs. J.
Tarallab Dorian Australian Sunblessed 15-10-10 Harper S.
Threegees Green Gem Grumpy 23-10-08 Harper S.
TriMura Magic aemulum teretifolium 06-07-15 Muralitharan T.
Tweetas Tweetie striolatum 03-11-05 Down Under N.O.
Tweetie fuliginosum contextum 23-12-02 Spence P.
Vicki Elizabeth fairfaxii schoeninum 31-07-12 Lee Douglas
Virginia Jupp linguiforme teretifolium 27-01-69 Jupp V.& N.
Vivien Margaret Saboteur teretifolium 16-11-10 Harper S.
Wadjullah bowmannii teretifolium 31-07-12 Lee Douglas
Wamberal teretifolium fuliginosum 18-08-08 Spence P.
Warrego linguiforme lichenastrum 01-01-89 Arnott R.
Waverley linguiforme fuliginosum 25-07-11 Harper S.
Waverley Amber Grumpy Dainty Cascades 31-03-12 Harper S.
Waverley Cascades Fiona Louise teretifolium 14-01-13 Harper S.
Waverley Charm Perrette Tweetas 25-07-11 Harper S.
Waverley Delight Tweetas Australian Sunblessed 14-01-13 Harper S.
Waverley Dream Lauren Australian Luscious Lip 14-01-13 Harper S.
Waverley Flare striolatum Grumpy 31-03-12 Harper S.
Waverley Gem Grumpy mortii 03-02-12 Harper S.
Waverley Glow Aussie Phil Australian Luscious Lip 03-02-12 Harper S.
Waverley Imp Tweetas teretifolium 14-01-13 Harper S.
Waverley Jewel Saboteur striolatum 31-03-12 Harper S.
Waverley Magic Saboteur Australian Sunblessed 03-02-12 Harper S.
Waverley Mist Martin Fiona Louise 31-03-12 Harper S.
Waverley Sparkler Australian Luscious Lip Fiona Louise 14-01-13 Harper S.
Waverley Splendour teretifolium Australian Sunblessed 31-03-12 Harper S.
Waverley Sunshine dolichophyllum Amythaon 31-03-12 Harper S.
Waverley Surprise Perrette Australian Sunblessed 14-01-13 Harper S.
Weatherly fuliginosum faifaxii 19-02-10 Down Under N.O.
Wesley Pink Virginia Jupp fuliginosum 06-06-85 Upton W.T.
Wesley Rose Pink Pencil speciosum 01-01-85 Upton W.T.
Wickersham Lauren Australian Ginger 29-10-14 Down Under N.O.
Wildfire Fiona Louise Aussie Phil 14-01-13 Harper S.
Womad fuliginosum tetragonum 18-05-09 Walsh J.
YazziMura  aemulum schoeninum 06-07-15 Muralitharan T.
Yondi Harvest Wesley Rose falcorostrum 30-10-96 Batchelor S.
Zoe Byrne-Dimos racemosum Tweetie 08-05-12 Dimos G.
Zuchini wassellii cucumerinum 06-01-93 Upton W.T.

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