Plant of the night: Sarcochilus Sweethart ‘Speckles’ x Sarcochilus Bunyip ‘Forest Fruit’
owned by Reiner Schneidereit

Class 4 Species Sarcochilus
1st Sarcochilus falcatus Reiner Schneidereit
2nd Sarcochilus hirticalcar Ian Lawson
Class 5 Species Other
1st Cymbidium suave Reiner Schneidereit
Class 6 Dendrobium Hybrid
1st Dendrobium Airy ‘Big Pink Strip’ Mary-Anne Warner
Class 9 Sarcochilus Hybrid
1st Sarcochilus Sweethart ‘Speckles’ x Sarcochilus Bunyip ‘Forest Fruit’ Reiner Schneidereit
2nd Sarcochilus George Colthrup ‘Big Fella’ Ian Lawson
Class 11 Hybrid – Some Australian Ancestry
1st Dockrillia A Purple Pepper Reiner Schneidereit
Class 15 Seedling Sarcochilus
1st Sarcochilus DNT ‘Voo Doo’ x Sarcochilus Maria ‘Crimson’ Jan Robinson
2nd Sarcochilus Karla Ian Lawson

Total plants benched: 17