May, 2012 – Benching Results

Plant of the Month by popular vote

Cym. Canaliculatum unnamed owned by John English

Class 1 Species Dendrobium 1st Den Licheastrum Richard Dimon
Class 3 Species Terrestrial 1st Ptst Falcata John English
Class 4 Species Sarcochilus 1st Sarc Ceciliae Lucky Strike Reiner & Judy Schneidereit
2nd Pltec Tridentata Don Roberts
Class 5 Species Other 1st Cym Canaliculatum John English
2nd Cym Canaliculatum Yellow Chocolate George Birrs
Class 9 Hybrid Sarcochilus 1st Sarc Dove”Good” x Sarc Fitzhart Verolice “Blush” Reiner & Judy Schneidereit
2nd Sarc Riverdene x Plec Tridentata Reiner & Judy Schneidereit
Class 15 Seedling Sarcochilus 1st Sarc Riverdene x Plec Tridentata Don Roberts
2nd Sarc Riverdene x Plec Tridentata Don Roberts
Class 22 Species 1st Sarc Hirticalcar Richard Dimon
2nd Plec Tridentata Richard Dimon
Class 24 Sarc Hybrid 1st Plchs Imni Rose Richard Dimon
? 1st Bulb Newportii Peter Brown
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