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June, 2013 – Benching Results « RWANOC

June, 2013 – Benching Results

Plant of the Month by popular vote

Tweetas ‘Red Lip’ – Reiner Schneirdereite

Photos of the Benching

Open No. Name of plant Owned By
Class 1 Species Dendrobium
1st Den bigibbum Reiner Schneidereit
2nd Den monophyllum Mary-Anne Warner
Class 2 Species Dockrillia
1st Dockr fuliginosum x teretifolia Owen Sutton
2nd Dockr rigida Reiner Schneidereit
Class 3 Species Terrestrial
1st ptst concinna Mark Booth
2nd crbs aconitiflorus John English
Class 4 Species Sarcochilis
1st falcatus Reiner Schneidereit
2nd falcatus Reiner Schneidereit
Class 5 Species Other
1st oberonia palmicola Reiner Schneidereit
2nd ptst tenuicaudia Mark Booth
Class 6 Hybrid Dendrobium
1st Den Berry “Oda” John English
2nd Den Lorikeet x Zip x candice x visheen “The First Reiner Schneidereit
Class 7 Hybrid Dockrillia
1st Tweetas “Red Lip” Reiner Schneidereit
Class 8 Hybrid Terrestrial
1st ptst ruckman Mark Booth
Class 9 Hybrid Sarcochilus
1st Sarco Sunspot Reiner Schneidereit
2nd Sarco Sunspot Reiner Schneidereit

29 plants benched

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