July, 2012 – Benching Results

Plant of the Month by popular vote

Den. Aussie Starlight owned by Peter Wise


Class Plant Owner
Class 1 Species Dendrobium 1st Den. Tetragonum Peter Wise
Class 3 Species Terrestrial 1st Pterostylus curta Mark Booth
2nd Pte concinna Mark Booth
Class 6 Dendrobium Hybrid 1st Den. Aussie Starlight Peter Wise
2nd Johnathons Glory Mark Booth
Class 8 Hybrid Terrestrial 1st Pterostylis Nodding Grace Mark Booth
2nd Pte Dusty Duke Mark Booth
Class 12 Dendrobium Seedling 1st Den. Starsheen ‘Botanic Fireworks’ x Rutherford Peter Booth
Novice No entries
Class 18 Species 1st Pter. Longifolia Richard Dimon
2nd Pter Curta ‘Variagated’ Richard Dimon
Class 19 Den/Dock Hybrid 1st Den. Annes Rainbow ‘Surprise 131’ Richard Dimon
2nd Den. Warrior ‘Mongul’ Richard Dimon

30 plants benched

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