Plant of the Night by Popular Vote: Dockrillia teretifolia
owned by Noel Bates

Class 1 Species Dendrobium
1st Den monophyllum Mary-Anne Warner
Class 2 Species Dockrillia
1st Dockrillia teretifolia Noel Bates
Class 6 Hybrid Dendrobium
1st Den Quell (Den Ellen x Den Aussie Quest) Greg Knight
2nd Dendrobium Aussie Angel Noel Bates
Class 7 Hybrid Dockrillia
1st Doc wt 4427 Martin Davies
2nd Dockrillia Australian Freckles Adrian O’Malley
Class 7 Seedling Dockrillia
1st Den Australian Kayla (Australian Freckles x Den Australian Ginger) Ian Lawson
Class 19 Den/Dock Hybrid
1st Den Delicate Ellen x Den Bardo Rose Robert Menzies

No. of Plants Benched 13