April, 2013 – Benching Results

Plant of the Month by popular vote

Dendrobium Bigibbum ‘Jessica’ – Peter Wise

Class Plant Owner
Class 1 Species Dendrobium 1st Den Bigibbum ‘Jessica’ Peter Wise
2nd Den Bigibbum ‘Jessica’ Peter Wise
Class 2 Species Dockrillia 1st Unknown Owen Sutton
Class 3 Species Terrestrial 1st Pterostylis Revolta John English
2nd Pterostylis Collina Mark Booth
Class 6 Hybrid dendrobium 1st Den ‘Eleanor Chan’ Noel Bates
2nd Den Polar Pink ‘Katie’ Peter Wise
Class 9 Hybrid Sarcochilus 1st Sarco Velvet ‘November’ Peter Gibson
2nd Sarco Velvet ‘Blush’ x Topaz ‘Yellow’ Daniel Coulton
Class 22 Species 1st Oberonia Titania Richard Dimon
2nd Sarco Hirticalcar Richard Dimon
Class 23 1st Den/dockrillia Hybrid
2nd Den ‘Warringah’ Richard Dimon

23 plants benched

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