Oct 2018 Benching Results
Plant of the night: Sarcochilus hartmannii owned by Michael Dimon

Class 4 Species Sarcochilus
1st Sarcochilus hartmannii Michael Dimon
2nd Sarcochilus hartmannii Jan Robinson
Class 9 Hybrid Sarcochilus
Class 9A Pink/Red
1st Sarco Bewitch ‘Plush’ Richard Dimon
2nd Kulnura Pinup (Zoe x Sweethart) Richard Dimon
Class 9B White
1st Sarco Melba Ian Lawson
2nd Sarco Jennifer Jot x Sarco Sweetheart Greg Knight
Class 9C Any Other Colour
1st Sarco Xanthia (Sarco Gail x Sarco Roberta) Jan Robinson
2nd Sarco Gail x Sarco Fizzy Dove Jan Robinson
Class 11 Hybrid with some Australian ancestry
1st Cymbidium Dorothy Stocksill Ian Lawson
No 2nd Place
Class 15 Seedling Sarcochilus
Class 15A Pink/Red
1st Sarco Judith x Sarco Bessie Ian Lawson
2nd Sarco Coralie Ian Lawson
Class 15B White
1st Sarco Bessie Ian Lawson
No 2nd Entry
Class 15C Any Other Colour
1st Sarco Miola Ian Lawson
No 2nd Entry
Class 18 Species
1st Doc striolata ‘Raffles’ Rhonda Jackson
2nd Sarco hartmannii Rhonda Jackson
Class 20 Sarcochilus Hybrid
1st Sarco Erin Rhonda Jackson
2nd Sarco Iris (Sarco Madge x Sarco Topaz) Rhonda Jackson




Total plants benched: 31