2015 May Benching Results

Plant of the night was PTST collina benched by R. Dimon

Class 1 Species Dendrobium 1st Den bigibbum var bigibbum Reiner Schneidereit
2nd Den prenticae John English
Class 1 Species Dockrillia 1st Dock. Rigida Reiner Schneidereit
Class 3 Species Terrestrial 1st PTST collina Richard Dimon
2nd Acianthus farnicatus Richard Dimon
Class 6 Hybrid Dendrobium 1st Den Topaz Dream Mary-Anne Warner
2nd Den Bobby ‘white’ x Burana ‘white’ Mary-Anne Warner
Class 7 Hybrid Dockrillia 1st Docrk. Limestone Owen Sutton
Class 9 Hybrid Sarcochilus 1st Sarco Sunspot Reiner Schneidereit
Class 15 Seedling Sarcochilus 1st Sarco Misty’s Twin Ian Lawson
Class 18 Species 1st Den. prentice Steve Puz
Class 19 Hybrid Dend / Dockrillia 1st Den. Jonathon’s Glory ‘Dark Joy’ Steve Puz
2nd Den. Hilda Poxon Steve Puz

22 plants benched

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