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2014 September Benching Results « RWANOC

2014 September Benching Results

Benching Results and Plant of the month by popular vote
Diuris sulphurea grown by Richard Dimon

Class 1 Species Dendrobium 1st Den Kingianum (Jeckles x Valdon) Peter Gibson
2nd    Den Kingianum “Big FootNRF” John English
Class 2 Species Dockrillia 1st Dock linguiforme Noel Bates
2nd    Dock striolatum Reiner Schneidereit
Class 3 Species Terrestrial 1st Diuris Sulphurea Richard Dimon
2nd    CHIL trapeziformis John English
Class 4 Species Sarcochilus 1st Sarco falcatus Reiner Schneidereit
1st Sarco falcatus Don Roberts
Class 6 Hybrid Dendrobium 1st   Den Mathew Moore “Superb” Peter Gibson
2nd   Den Vivid “Top Shape” x Den Spec “Bee
Reiner Schneidereit
Class 7 Hybrid Dockrillia 1st   Dock grimesii “Tumbi” x Jiggi “Best Blue” Ian Lawson
Class 9 Hybrid Sarcochilus 1st   Sarco Carnival Reiner Schneidereit
2nd   Saroc First Light Reiner Schneidereit
Class 11 Hybrid Some Aust Ancestry 1st   
Cym Pee Wee
Don Roberts
Class 13 Seedling Dockrillia 1st   Dock Ida Mary x Lemon Pepper Ian Lawson
Class 15 Seedling Sarcochilus 1st   Sarco DUNO Nickys Twin x hartma nii Reiner Schneidereit
2nd   Sarc Misty “Spangles” x Riverdene “ Royale” Reiner Schneidereit
Class 18 Species 1st   Den kingianum Owen Sutton
Class 19 Den/Dock Hybrid 1st   Den Yondi “Alba” Hotham Snow” x falcorostrum Owen Sutton
Class 23 Den/Dock Hybrid 1st   Den kingianum “Speckles” x spec “ Windermere” Rhonda Jackson
2nd   Den Yondi Sparkle Rhonda Jackson

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