2014 November Benching Results

Plant of the night was Sarco (Riverdene x tridentata) owned by Don Roberts.

Class 4    Species Sarcochilus 1st  Sarco falcatus Reiner Schneidereit
2nd  Sarco tridentata Don Roberts
Class 5    Species other 1st   Bulb schillernianum Reiner Schneidereit
Class 9    Hybrid Sarcochilus 1st   Sarco (Riverdene x tridentata) Don Roberts
2nd  Sarco Sunspot Reiner Schneidereit
Class 19      Den/Dockrillia Hybrid 1st Terete
Den Waianae Profusion x canaliculatum ‘Magenta’s Charm’)
Mary-Anne Warner

10 plants were benched.

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