2013 November – Benching Results

Plant of the month

Cymbidium Sauve owned by Peter Wise

Class 1 Species Dendrobium 1st Den bigibbum Peter Wise
2nd Den.bigibbum Peter Wise
Class 3 Species Terrestrial 1st Malaxis latifolia John Engish
Class 4 Species Sarcochilus 1st Sarco ceciliae ‘Lost World’ x ‘Pink Pom Pom’ Peter Wise
2nd Sarco ceciliae ‘LS’ x ‘818 Dark’ John Engish
Class 5 Species Other 1st Cym Sauve Peter Wise
Class 6 Hybrid Dendrobium 1st
Class 7 Hybrid Dockrillia 1st Doc Tweetas ‘Mask’ Owen Sutton
Class 8 Hybrid Terrestrial 1st
Class 9 Hybrid Sarcochilus 1st Sarco Riverdene x
Don Roberts
2nd Sarco Zyzzy ‘B’ Ian Lawson
Class 11 Hybrid Aust Ancestry 1st Cym Cricket x canaliculatum John Costa
2nd Den Impact John Engish

18 plants were benched

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