1. They are much more interesting than exotic cymbidium hybrids.
  1. Many of them have single flowers. In the light of falling education standards this is very handy for those with poor numeracy skills. This same reason explains why hybrid paphiopedilums are so popular in exotic collections.
  2. They attract all of the two spotted mites away from the real orchids in your collection.
  3. They are at their best when, at a show, you ask the judges which individual flower they judged or whether they judged the whole pot,
  4. They are at their very best when after you have done number 4 (above) and a judge points out the flower that was selected for first place you further enquire as to why the all but identical flower in the same pot didn’t get second place.
  5. Otherwise useless plastic takeaway food containers become a valuable humidity retaining device when your Corybas come into flower.
  6. What else can you do with spent cymbidium compost?
  7. They are much more interesting than dinner plate paphiopedilums.
  8. Their perfume is far more pleasant than Liparis reflexa – a property they share with almost every other living thing on the planet.
  9. If you have some particularly unspectacular  plants you may care to explore the possibility of selling the tubers to trendy inner city restaurants  that specialise in bush tucker.
  10. What other environmentally friendly things can you do with chopped-up casuarina needles?
  11. A whole new vista of holiday destinations opens up when you realise that terrestrials don’t only grow on the eastern seaboard.


Neville Roper