2015 November Sarcochilus Show Results


Sarcochilus Champion Table

Grand Champion Sarco Erin Reiner Schneidereit
Reserve Champion Sarco Fitzhart ‘Rusty Bucket’ Reiner Schneidereit
Champion Sarcanthinae Hybrid Sarco hartmannii ‘Snowbert’ Don Roberts
Champion Seedling Sarco Erin Ian Lawson
Champion Any Other Kingianum Iceberg Peter Wise
Best Specimen Orchid Sarco Magic ‘Flame’ Reiner Schneidereit
Best Novice Orchid Den macrophyllum x atreviolaceum Ernest Taylor


Class 1 Table Top Display 1st Ian Lawson
2nd Peter Wise
3rd Noel Bates
Class 2 hartmannii 1st Sarco hartmannii Snowbert Don Roberts
2nd Sarco hartmannii Red Snow x hartmannii x Roberta Peter Gibbson
Class 3 Fitzgeraldii 1st Sarco Fitzgeraldii Red Lorriane x Sibling Garry Williams
2nd Sarco Fitzgeraldii Dark Pink Don Roberts
Class 4 Other Sarcochilus Species 1st Falcatus Don Roberts
2nd Falcatus Reiner Schneidereit
Class 5 Primary Sarcochilus Hybrid 1st Fitzhart Rusty Bucket Reiner Schneidereit
2nd Fitzhart Rusty Bucket Reiner Schneidereit
Class 6 Other Sarcochilus Hybrid
predominantly Pink, Purple or Red
6a Pink 1st Sarcochilus Hot Ice x kulnura Splash Phillip Festa
2nd Sarcochilus Kirra Lea x Fitzgeraldii Pleasant Pink Reiner Schneidereit
6b Purple 1st Sarcochilus Magic Macros Lloyd Edwards
2nd Sarcochilus Magic Flame Lloyd Edwards
6c Red 1st Sarcochilus Sweetheart Speckles x Bunyip Forrest fruit Reiner Schneidereit
2nd Sarcochilus Magic Reiner Schneidereit
Class 7 Other Sarcochilus hybrid
Predominantly White
Class 7a Red centre 1st Sarcochilus Erin Reiner Schneidereit
2nd Sarcochilus Erin Ian Lawson
Class 7b Yellow Centre 1st Sarcochilus Roberta Ian Lawson
2nd Sarcochilus Iris Ian Lawson
Class 7c Others 1st Sarcochilus Gearge Colthup Christina Don Roberts
2nd Sarcochilus Dove Ian Lawson
Class 8 Other Sarcochilus Hybrids
predominantly Yellow, Cream or green
1st Sarcochilus Mysty Spangles x hartmannii Lloyd Edwards
2nd sarcochilus Bonnie Lloyd Edwards
Class 9 Other Sarcochilus Hybrids
predominantly any other colour
1st Sarcochilus Rebecca x Fitzhart David Brooks
2nd Sarcochilus Sunny Bright Sun Lloyd Edwards
Class 10 Intergeneric Sarcanthinae Hybrids 1st Unknown Ian Lawson
2nd Aussie Dawn Peter Wise
Class 11 Intergeneric Sarcanthinae Seedling No Entries
Class 12 Sarcochilus hartmannii Seedling 1st Sarcochilus hartmannii Ian Lawson
Class 13 Other Sarcanthinae Seedling Species No Entries
Class 14 Sarcochilus Seedling
predominantly Pink, Purple or Red
14a Pink 1st Sarcochilus Sweetheart x Bunyip Phillip Festa
2nd Sarcochilus DNT Voo Doo x Yvette Jakes Pride Lloyd Edwards
14b Purple 1st Sarcochilus DNT Voo Doo x Peace Mulberry Lloyd Edwards
2nd Sarcochilus DNT Voo Doo x Peace Mulberry Lloyd Edwards
14c Red 1st Sarcochilus Sweetheart x Bunyip Phillip Festa
2nd Sarcochilus Mysty`s Twin Ian Lawson
Class 15 Sarcochilus Seedling
predominantly White
1st Sarcochilus Erin Ian Lawson
2nd Sarcochilus Erin Ian Lawson
Class 16 Sarcochilus Seedling
predominantly Yellow, Cream or Green
1st Sarcochilus Kunama Eureka x Fizzy Dove Lloyd Edwards
2nd Sarcochilus Fizzy Dove x Roberta Reiner Schneidereit
Class 17 Sarcochilus Seedling
predominantly any other colour
1st Sarcochilus Fizzy Dove x Sunny Lloyd Edwards
2nd Sarcochilus Sunny Ian Lawson
Class 18 Sarcanthinae Hybrid Seedling No Entries.
Class 19 Dendrobium/Dockrillia Species 1st Kingianum Iceberg Peter Wise
2nd Dendrobiun Prenticei George Burrs
Class 20 Dendrobium/Dockrillia Hybrid 1st Dendrobium Our Native Peter Wise
Class 21 Dendrobium/Dockrillia Seedling No Entries
Class 22 Australian Native Cymbidium
1st Cymbidium Canaliculatum Noel Bates
2nd Cymbidium Sauve Reiner Schneidereit
Class 23 Australian Native Cymbidium Seedling No Entries
Class 24 Terrestrial Species /Hybrid 1st Diurus Leopard Noel Bates
Class 25 Australian Native Orchid
not elsewhere included
1st Raspberry Root Don Roberts
Class 26 Ant Orchid with some
Australian Native Orchid ancestry
1st Pumilum x Canaliculatum Noel Bates
2nd Sartyllus Blue Knob Garry Williams
Class 30 Dendrobium/Dockrillia
1st Dendrobium Macrophyllum x Atroviolaceum Ernest Taylor
Class 31 Sracanthinae sPecies or Hybrid 1st Rhyn x Sarco Cherie Ernest Taylor
2nd Sarcochilus Rebecca owned Ernest Taylor.
Class 32 Other Species or Hybrid 1st Phas Tankavillae Ernest Taylor
Class 34 Australian Native Hybrid 1st Sarcochilus Kunama x Amber Rachel Lombe
2nd Sarcochilus Fizzy Dove x Roberta Rachel Lombe
Class 35 1st Sarcochilus hartmannii Roberta x Red Snow Don Roberts
2nd Sarcochilus hartmannii Roberta x
Red Snow ownd bt Ian Lawson.
Class 36 1st Sarcochilus Melba Den Don Roberts
2nd Sarcochilus Homelea Don Roberts
Class 37 1st Sarcochilus Magic Wizzard david Brooks
2nd Sarcochilus Bonanza x Sweathjeart Don Roberts
Class 38 1st Sarcochilus Gerroa Ian Lawson
2nd Sarcochilus Amber #2 David Brooks
Class 39 1st Richard Jost David Brooks
2nd Dockrillia Virginia Jupp x Tweetie Don Roberts

Number of Plants benched: 505

Sarcochilus Display Tables

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