2013 November Sarcochilus Show

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Benching Results

  Grand Champion Sarco Magic ‘Jude’ Neville Roper
  Reserve Champion Sarco Duno Nicky`s Twin ‘Voo Doo’ Neville Roper
  Champion Sarcanthinae Species Sarco hartmannii ‘Homelea’ Neville Roper
  Champion Sarcanthinae Hybrid Sarco Magic ‘Jude’ Neville Roper
  Champion Sarcanthinae Seedling Sarco ‘Tinny’ Neville Roper
  Champion Any Other Cym maddidum ‘Yvonne’ Peter Wise
  Best Specimen Orchid Sarco Judith ‘Yvonne’ Neville Roper
Class 1 Table Top Display
1st Peter Wise
Class 2 Sarcochilus hartmannii
1st ‘Reefer x Roberta’ Neville Roper
2nd ‘Jude’ Neville Roper
Class 3 Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii
1st ‘BRC’ Neville Roper
2nd The Clown x Lorraine Ian Lawson
Class 4 Other Sarcochilus species
1st falcatus Peter Wise
2nd falcatus Peter Wise
Class 5 Primary Sarcochilus Hybrid
1st Fitzhart Reiner & Judy Schneidereit
2nd Fitzhart Reiner & Judy Schneidereit
Class 6 Sarcochilus Hybrid- Predominantly pink, purple or red
a – solid pink
1st Cenedra Neville Roper
2nd Kirra Lea Reiner & Judy Schneidereit
b – solid red or purple
1st Magic ‘June’ Neville Roper
2nd Nicky`s Twin ‘Voo Doo’ Neville Roper
c – barred, stripped, spotted, mottled or marbled
1st George Colthup ‘Bill’ x (Bernice Klein x Fitzhart) Reiner & Judy Schneidereit
2nd Dragonfly ‘Barritta’ Barritta Orchids
Class 7 Sarcochilus Hybrids – Predominantly white
a – red centre
1st Heidi ‘Snow’ Neville Roper
2nd Judith ‘Yvonne’ Neville Roper
b – yellow centre
1st Roberta ‘Di Elliot’ Neville Roper
2nd Roberta ‘Corney’ Peter Wise
c – others
1st Heidi ‘Snow’ Barritta Orchids
2nd Sweetheart x hartmannii Barritta Orchids
Class 8 Other Sarcochilus Hybids Predominantly yellow, cream or green
1st Amber ‘Ochre’ Neville Roper
2nd Galaxy ‘Roys Yellow’ Barritta Orchids
Class 9 Other Sarcochilus Predominantly any other colour
1st Lara ‘Evening Sunset’ Ian Lawson
2nd Amber Ian Lawson
Class 10 Intergeneric Sarcanthinae Hybrid
1st RCHLS Lava Burst John English
Class 11 Class 11 Intergeneric Sarcanthinae Seedling
1st PLCS Kilgra ‘Killa’ Neville Roper
2nd PLCS Kilgra Neville Roper
Class 12 Sarcochilus hartmannii Seedling
1st ‘Reefer x Roberta’ Neville Roper
2nd (George x Kerri) x Delight John English
Class 14 Sarcochilus seedling Predominantly pink, purple or red
b – solid red or purple
1st Sweethart ‘Dark Red’ x Yvette ‘Jakes Pride’ Reiner & Judy Schneidereit
2nd Mystic Neville Roper
c – barred, striped, spotted, mottled or marbled
1st Tinny Neville Roper
2nd Kulnura Dazzel
Class 15 Predominantly white
1st Myola Neville Roper
2nd Heidi x Elegance Barritta Orchids
Class 16 Predominantly yellow, cream or green
1st Roberta 90% Yellow x Cliona ‘Yellow’ Peter Gibbson
2nd Werri Neville Roper
Class 17 Predominantly any other colour
1st Kulnura ‘Ripple’ x Kurumba Barritta Orchids
2nd Bunyip x Kurumba Barritta Orchids
Class 22 Aust native Cymbidium Species/hybrid
1st madidum var Leroyii Peter Wise
2nd canaliculatum ‘Yellow Chocolate’ George Birrs
Class 24 Terrestrial Species/Hybrid
1st Phaius Tankervilleae Peter Wise
Class 25 Aust native not elsewhere included
1st Peristeranthus hillii Richard Dimon
Class 26 Any orchid with some Aust Native Ancestry
1st Cym Puniila Alba x canaliculatum ‘Sparky’ Noel Bates
2nd Cym Pee Wee x canaliculatum ‘Sparkle’ Noel Bates
Class 30 Australian Native Species
1st Sarco hartmannii var Albus ‘Blue Knob x Self’ Richard Dimon
Class 31 Australian Native Hybrid
1st Sarco Melody ‘Bubbles’ Richard Dimon
2nd Sarco fitzgeraldii ‘Jolly Lorraine’ Richard Dimon

365 entries were benched
Link to additional photos taken by Greg Steenbeeke

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